Our Founder-Dr. Amber Robins-Hickson

Somewhere between studying and sleeping during medical school, Dr. Amber began to wonder if there was solution for your period leaks. She looked to products that were on the market, but none worked for her. She looked for both a leak resistant panty and one that would hold her pad (no matter the size) in place. 

As Amber began seeing her own patients through her training and now as a board certified family medicine doctor, she also realized something else. One less-talked-about issue that disrupted the confidence of young girls and women was discussing what happens to our lady parts as we age and grow.  If only women of every age could learn about their bodies, it would make a whole lot of difference. 

With this vision in mind, Dr. Amber formed SANXTUARY MD, a company where  women of all ages can learn about their bodies, find products to manage their periods with confidence and get exposed. And why not also feature women in different careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math to show how bada** women truly are!